Collab Nation Experiment 5 Exhibition

Collab Nation is a collaborative art project featuring international artists, illustrators & doodlers from all backgrounds.


Collab Nation: Experiment 5, Stage 2

I usually spend time a fair amount of time deliberating before adding my mark to a new Collab Nation piece – but when I got my Stage 2 through from Korp I immediately knew what I was going to add!


Collab Nation: Experiment 5, Stage 1

One of my favourite collaborative art projects, Collab Nation, is back for Experiment 5!

This huge international drawing project has each participating artist starting a drawing on A3 paper, then sending it on to the next artist for them to add to the piece. This continues until 4 artists have added their mark to the drawing. The process produces awesome and brilliantly unpredictable results!


Collab Nation: Experiment 4 – Now in Colour!

With the Collab Nation Black & White stages all finished up, it was time to start adding colour and making them into prints.


Collab Nation: Experiment 4, Stage 4

Collab Nation Experiment 4 is drawing to a close, concluding with an exhibition of some of the completed Stage 4s at Upfest Gallery in Bristol and a gorgeous art book release to boot!


Collab Nation Experiment 4

One of my favourite collaborative art projects, Collab Nation, is back for another round with Experiment 4! 


Collaberation (Inter)Nation(al) # 2

Those of you who follow me on twitter have probably seen a fair amount tweets about the Collaberation (Inter)Nation(al) project I’ve been taking part in this year.