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Collab Nation Experiment 4

One of my favourite collaborative art projects, Collab Nation, is back for another round with Experiment 4! 

The project works like a chain letter for illustrators – each artist adding their mark to a sheet of A3 before posting it onto the next, until 4 or 5 artists have created an awesome arty mash up together. There have been some fantastic collaborations come out of the first 3 Experiments, with a brilliant line up involved in Experiment 4.

I finished up my stage 1 submission earlier today which is now ready to post onto the next artist. I’ve been doing so much digital work recently that it’d been a while since I got my pens out for a doodle, so it was nice to do so for a change.

I can’t wait to find out who’s work I’ll be drawing on next and what gets added to my piece. I’ll be sharing the progress over on Facebook and Twitter so add me if you’d like to follow the progress.

In the meantime, here are some of the creations I was lucky enough to be a part of during Experiment 3, back in 2011.

Pekoe vs Stina Jones, Stephen Ball and Sam Ulewicz

Stina Jones vs Tim Ulewicz, Neil Ennui and Jennifer Saul

Abe Honest vs Trickfruit, Stina Jones and Jam Free

To see some of the other submissions and watch the works from Experiment 4 unfold, head over to the Collab Nation Facebook page –


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