Weird Fishes Series

I’ve been creating these Weird Fishes as part of an ongoing series of experimental digital doodles, which use clean lines and geometric shapes layered over pops of chalky colour, to form abstract characters.

Robot Monkey Stickers

I always love getting a fresh batch of stickers back from the printers – and these new soft-touch vinyl stickers are no exception! I’m super happy with how they’ve come out and the satin stock gives them a real nice texture.

#OutHouseMCR: A kitten called Bastet

📷: by Maria Page (Insta @mariapage)

Year in Review: Graphic Design Support for GMCC

It’s been almost a year since I started providing Graphic Design support to the team at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce – and I’m super happy with all the work we’ve done to date!


Robot Character Upgrade 4.0

Updating my mascot character has always been an iterative process. I keep going back and tweaking things, then every few years I’ll do a complete redesign – and it’s about that time again!

GMCC Summer Showcase Branding

This summer, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce launched their first ever Summer Showcase event – a jam-packed evening full of delicious food and drink, networking and top class entertainment.


Specimen Characters Vol 3

I finished up another set of designs for my ongoing Specimen Series, adding to my army of colourful quirky characters! I’m taking my time with the series, working on them during my breaks, playing around and experimenting as I go.


MIFA Project: Amr Warda

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Panini sticker book contains 682 stickers featuring players, stadiums and badges from the 32 nations taking part. However, as the book is released in April and the National Team Squads aren’t announced until May, that often means some footballers aren’t included in the book.


#BunnyInvasion Mailbox Infiltration

The new #BunnyInvasion limited edition sticker pack has finally landed! And I’m real pleased with how they’ve turned out. 


36 Days of Type: A-Z

36 Days of Type is an open call project that invites Designers, Illustrators and Graphic Artists to share their view on letters and numbers, with a different character being explored each day via daily posts on Instagram and Twitter.


Hoorah App Character Design

Meet Patch! The new mascot character for Hoorah – a mobile first professional feedback platform, where anyone can give anyone feedback. 

Events Projects

#TwitterArtExhibit 2018

The #TwitterArtExhibit is an annual exhibition which invites artists of all skill levels from across the world to donate an original piece of post card sized artwork to raise funds for an elected charity in the host country.