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Glitch Art Collectibles

Glitch is a series of experimental character artworks, available exclusively through KnownOrigin.

This set of blockchain-backed digital collectibles include 11 unique character artworks, with no more than 25 editions in each design. Each one of these whimsical little creatures is bright, colourful and bursting with character.

Blockchain art is a relatively new practice, which allows for far easier verification of the authenticity and ownership of a piece of art. This is a very important breakthrough, as it allows these verifications to be carried out by anyone, at any time, even after an artist’s death; something that remained impossible before the advent of this new technology.

To start collecting:

All you’ll need to start your collection is a an NFT enabled Ethereum wallet such as TrustWallet (mobile) or MetaMask (desktop).

Once you’re set up with a wallet address, head over to my KnownOrigin Gallery to purchase your favourites.

Your purchase will then appear in your NFT wallet where anyone can see it but only you own it. You can display it, gift it, trade it, or even sell it on to other collectors.

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