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Robot Character Upgrade 4.0

Updating my mascot character has always been an iterative process. I keep going back and tweaking things, then every few years I’ll do a complete redesign – and it’s about that time again!

With this update, I wanted to tone back the teal and add a better sense of symmetry, whilst generally updating the overall style to simplify the lines and make her look more robot-like.


What started out as a simple character doodle I added to my website’s footer in 2012 fast became a core part of my branding, with versions 2.0 and 3.0 featuring across all my digital and printed materials. This re-work aims to tone things back a little to give more prominence to my portfolio and logo, with the character acting more as a secondary element.

If you’d like to commission a character of your own, please get in touch


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