Cheery Plan Branding

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of creating the graphics for Cheery Plan – a new Daily Planner app to help you prioritise the most important tasks for the day.

The aim was to develop a visual identity that’s both clean and bold, whilst still appearing cheerful and friendly. After exploring a few options, we landed a combination cheerful colourways, with super-clean vector illustrations, finished off with a cursive typeface for the logo.

The app is currently in its development stages so I can only give you a teaser for the time being. It’s due to launch on Android later this year and we can’t wait to share it with you all.

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Rusty Alexander Lettering & Logo Design

The Rusty Alexander is a neat new project, headed up by artist Rustbucket Workshop, in which an old Double Decker Bus is being converted into a travelling art gallery and trove of curiosities. I fell in love with the idea as soon as I heard about it so was stoked to be asked to design a logo for the project.

New (mostly) handwritten logo design

I (finally) got round to updating my logo over the weekend.

I wanted to create something more unique and authentic by moving away from using a font and using some of my own scrawly handwriting instead. The results would be used as more of a signature that a logo, which I can replicate on prints and artworks.

I filled a large A4 sheet with a load of scrawly signature variations, some more messy than others. I narrowed it down to my favourite and imported it into Adobe Illustrator to be vectored into a scalable logo.

Hope you like the new look!