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Sketchbook Stuff

I’m terrible at keeping sketchbooks – I don’t see them as much more than pads of paper so I’m forever cutting pages out to use for other things, or filling them with to-do lists and meeting notes instead of drawings, or just generally defeating the object of having one!

Whenever I want to draft an illustration or play around with an idea, I’m much more likely reach for a piece of loose paper instead. The advantage of this is that I can play with different types of paper, file client sketches in separate project folders, print out half-finished vector drawings and sketch over the top, and feel free to mess up trying something out along the way as I know I can easily chuck it and reach for a clean sheet. The downside is that this also makes it tricky to keep track of ideas as things easily get lost and forgotten about in disorganised piles of paper.

So I decided to make more of an effort with this year’s sketchbook and not fill it with anything other than experiments and ideas for personal art projects. I still have a need to cut the odd page out for other things and I think I’ll always be inclined to catch ideas on loose paper sometimes – but this time I’m also sticking some of those loose paper drawings back into my sketchbook, which is making things a lot more organised. It’s starting to bear resemblance to a scrapbook but I kinda like it that way!

Stina Jones Sketchbook Stuff - 1 2 2015
Stina Jones Sketchbook Stuff - 13 2 2015

I’ll be posting more pages from my sketchbook over on Instagram as I go, so head on over and follow @stina_jones to see more!


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  • Hey there Stina

    Good post, and nice to see the sketchbook work. One thing about keeping a sketchbook is that it’s a great record, and something to look back on. I still have some sketchbooks from 20 years back, it’s quite interesting to review them once in a while.

    Keep it up!

    Lorrie x

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