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Sketchbook Stuff vol 5 – Quick Doodles

I have a habit of getting caught up in the details of my work and can drive myself daft overthinking presentation or fussing over linework (and it’s almost always the details nobody else even notices!)

My drawing technique was starting to feel ridged and unnatural as a result, so in an attempt to loosen up my flow I set myself the challenge of filling a couple of a cheap sketchbooks with quick spontaneous character doodles that I made up as I went along.

The results were flawed, random and sometimes made little sense, but the process was a lot of fun and fast became one of my favourite things to do during my down time!

Here are a few pieces that came out of the exercise.

Quick Doodle by Stina Jones

Quick Doodle by Stina Jones

Quick doodle by Stina Jones

Quick doodle by Stina Jones

Quick doodle by Stina Jones

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  • Incredible! The results of this ‘experiment’ have inspired me to try and do something similar with a new (cheap) sketchbook I recently got with the sole purpose of filling each page with a fresh drawing every day (forcing myself to move on if one day’s sketch isn’t finished) but, as you said yourself, even these have become too rigid; I’m inadvertently still spending >1hr on each picture which is kinda missing the point and still falling into old habits. A few Q’s: How long did each drawing take (on average) and, how many of these attempts did it take before you fell into this really cool style pictured above? I imagine these aren’t the entirety of the sketches from this endeavour, no? Did you start off in pencil by any chance, before dropping down the thick ink lines? Cos that’s my own worst fear; even my “roughest” drawings I still obsessively find myself making in pencil first – which quickly snowballs into an entire, full-blown pencil draft. Driving myself mad (lol).

    • Thanks for the kind words, Joe! The majority of the sketchbook was suuper messy and it took a fair few attempts to fall into this style. I usually roughed out a few construction lines in pencil first but did most of the development with a pen. I probably spent between 30 mins to an hour on each page but I stopped keeping track after a while as I’d found a flow I was happy with and didn’t want to restrict things too much. It was a fun exercise but frustrating at times. The key is to not be too hard on yourself. :)

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