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A kitten called Bastet [Blue Edition] #ArtDrop

To mark my latest mural on Stevenson Square, I’ve released a Blue Edition Bastet artwork as a Digital #ArtDrop.

There are 100 copies up for grabs through – a unique online gallery that allows collectors to purchase rare digital artworks that are permanently embedded into the blockchain.

Once acquired, that digital copy is yours to own, similar to a physical piece of artwork – you can display it, trade it, sell it at auction, or just keep it as a little digital trinket. You can even download the hi-res version and make a print of it for your home.

To grab a copy for yourself, head on over to

If you have TrustWallet installed on your phone, simply open the above link in your DApps tab to find the artwork.

New to the world of Blockchain and Digital Assets? There’s an excellent guide here for those who’d like to start collecting. 


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