David Meowie Charity T-Shirt

I’ve been working with We Heart Arts on a new music themed T-Shirt and Sticker design, to raise funds for their non-profit which helps young people’s creative arts programs across the world.

Process and Results

As a fan of David Bowie, cats, and terrible puns, this was a lot of fun to work on.

The design started out as a sketch on my iPad. I wanted the results to be clean and bold so I stripped back as much detail as possible while developing it.

Once I was happy with the sketch, I traced it up in Adobe Illustrator using simple lines and a clean typeface. I wanted to avoid doing anything too fussy with shading and textures, so we could scale it down to a small sticker later on without losing any detail.

… So who wants one?

The t-shirts are now available to buy from Mercht for a (very!) limited time – just 18 days to be precise!  Head on over before the 6/9/17 to grab one for yourself.

Doodle For Good Colouring Book

Doodle For Good is a funky coloring book for older kids and adults, featuring a collection of 24 line drawings by artists from across the globe, including one of my robot creatures! I’m real pleased to be a part of this project and feature alongside a whole load of talented artists.

The AwesomeBet: H is for Home

I recently got involved with an awesome new project run by We Heart Arts, which called for 26 different designers to create a letter from the alphabet, illustrating what they thought was the most awesome thing about life.

100 Houses Art Exhibition, Bristol

‘100 Houses’ brings together 100 national and international image-makers from illustrators to street artists in support of housing and homelessness charity Shelter. Given the theme of “house” each artist has produced a unique piece of artwork specifically for this exhibition, to launch at the vibrant, South Bristol Cafe/Bar, Tobacco Factory in November.

Daily Doodle is complete!

For those of you who missed the excitement last week – I finally finished my epic Daily Doodle project and completed my 356th illustration on Sunday 20th February, only a few weeks behind schedule. I’m still buzzing from crossing the finish line and I’ve learned a lot along the way. I’ve burned through nearly 1,000 sheets of printer paper, 18 fine liners and more cups of tea than I can count…