SuperRare Inktober Artworks

I’ve joined the SuperRare Artist family and put a selection of my favourite Inktober illustrations up for auction in their gallery.

Stina Jones x Pica Collab

One of my favourite things to come out of this year’s #Inktober was this fun animation loop, created by the talented Dan Silverstone using one of my digital doodles. I always enjoy collaborating with animators and seeing how they bring these things to life!

Digital Doodles for #Inktober 2019

Autumn is here, which means I’ve been having another crack at Inktober; the annual art challenge inviting artists to draw one thing every day during October. The project is traditionally about creating ink drawings – and last year I was all about working with pens to improve my lines – but this year I wanted to switch things up and improve my digital inking and colour work.