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Procreate Doodles: Masked Robots

I’m a vector art nerd at heart so I rarely do any digital painting and generally shy away from tablet drawing apps, but I’d heard good things about the Apple Pencil and Procreate so thought I’d give them a go!

I’ve seen some beautiful and intricate works created by other artists using the app but I’ve been disappointed by over-hyped illustration tech in the past so I kept my expectations low – I’d have been happy to just get a digital sketchbook out of it for roughing out ideas in meetings and keeping things organised.

The set up took a bit of getting used to (and I’m still working on my digital painting technique) but I was impressed by the range of features and accuracy of the pencil. It’s not the replacement for my laptop and Wacom set up that some reviews promise it to be but it’s a powerful accompaniment that’s given me a taste for digital painting that I’ll be building on!

Here’s a doodle of some masked robots that I created whilst testing out the app.

Procreate iPad Doodle by Stina Jones


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