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Art Print: Nucleus Blue

Meet, Nucleus Blue – my latest digital character illustration and newest edition to my online store.

I’ve been on a bit of an anime binge recently, which no doubt had an influence the style of the piece. I spent a longer than I usually would working on it – experimenting and trying out new techniques along the way. The hair took a lot of colour layering to get it looking as I wanted but I’m pleased with how it turned out.


Nucleus Blue Progress

I was struggling to think of a title for this piece so put it to the good people of FacebookInstagram and Twitter to help me out with some ideas, offering the original concept sketch as a bribe prize for the winning suggestion.

There were some brilliant submissions (honestly, you guys didn’t make it easy for me!) but I finally settled on Nucleus Blue, as suggested by PixelPencils. I really liked the ideas put forward by Eejits and Rachel Bromley too, so decided to amalgamate their suggestions and use Keeper of the Shadow Creatures as the subtitle, sending them some runner up prizes as a thank you.

There are 25 limited edition art prints of this piece available – each one hand signed and numbered. If you’d like one of your very own, head over to –


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