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Mixed Media Letter Experiments: A – F

I don’t work with traditional mediums very often these days – other than for rough mock ups which I almost always import into Illustrator and refine digitally.

That’s not to say I don’t love working with traditional mediums. I’d like to start incorporating them more into my digital work so have been experimenting with ways in which I can do so, combining my love for lettering in the process with a series of Mixed Media Letter Experiments.

I’ve worked my way from A through to F so far and plan to keep going until I either run out of combinations and techniques I fancy trying, or reach the end of the alphabet.

I’ll be uploading more of these experiments to Instagram and Facebook as I go, so head on over if you’d like to follow the series.

Letter A

 Watercolour pencils, bamboo paper, vectors and Photoshop layering.

Letter B

Soft pastels, chalk and vectors.

Letter C

Coloured pencils, pastels, vectors and brown paper.

Letter D

Oil pastels, vectors, bamboo paper and Photoshop layering.

Letter E

Tombow brush pens, sponged tea, vectors and Photoshop layering.


Molotow paint pens, spray paint sponged tea and Photoshop layering.

Edit: See Letters G – L here –


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