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GANOODLE [Async Edition]

GANOODLE [Async Edition] is part of a series of experimental character artworks, created by training a generative adversarial network on a data set of my own character doodles, then illustrating selected results by hand. This Async Edition marks the fourth instalment in the GANOODLES series and their debut to the world of programmable art.

The GANOODLES project has always been about experimentation—learning through playing and pure curiosity, using a blend of technology and traditional drawing methods. Now, Async’s mechanism lets layer owners act as collaborators, with complete creative control to mix and match shapes and features, allowing others to experiment and play along with me!

The Async GANOODLE incorporates five possible state changes in its body, eyes, frame and canvas layers, allowing the owners of each layer the ability to shape shift between those different variations. Make it as coordinated—or as chaotic—as you’d like!

More about my process and inspirations:

GANOODLE [Async Edition] on Async.Art


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