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Infohackit Manchester: Communicating Science with Infographics

One of my favourite things about designing infographics is that I always get to learn something new! This was very much the case whilst taking part in Infohackit Manchester. The hackathon style event, hosted by Made Agency, invited participating Designers and PHD students to create compelling infographics, all within a timed 12 hour period.

Soon after arriving (and fueling up on complimentary tea and and pastries) I was paired up with Students Ross Grant and Tabitha Pearman, and tasked with working alongside them to create an infographic based on their chosen topic.

As my design style is on the more playful side, we decided to target our infographic at Primary School (KS1) kids and teach them about how Seismic and Sonar equipment can be used to look beneath the ocean. This was something I knew very little about, so hearing how it’s done was fascinating.

Infohackit Manchester - How to look beneath the sea

After roughing out a layout on a flipchart, we all got stuck-in creating elements in Adobe Illustrator, whilst piecing it all together in a master document as we went along. The design process was fully collaborative from start to finish.

As the infographic was aimed at KS1 kids, we kept the message straightforward and the language simple, using analogies and exaggerated scale and proportions to help communicate the concepts.

Infohackit Manchester - How to look beneath the sea

We presented the finished results and received some good feedback from the judges and attendees, including a few requests to make it available as a printable teaching resource after the event. We’ve decided to do just that and have uploaded the high res version to Dropbox for anyone who wants to use this as a free educational resource.

The PDF can be downloaded using the link below. It’s fully scalable too making it suitable for showing on everything from a mobile device to a large scale poster.

Download Here

Big thanks to all the organisers and attendees for the fun and interesting day! I had a blast!


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