Shropshire’s (R)Evolution is back for its fourth year and set to be their biggest and most awesome event yet!

This full day web conference has come along way since the cosy evening event I went to a few years ago – boasting a bigger venue, more speakers and space for 200 attendees, all hosted by the same friendly crowd of geeks who’ll no doubt make the event just as hospitable as it has been in previous years.

I was chuffed to have been asked to produce an illustration for the event’s website. The commissioned image (featured above) has been created with the conference’s revolution-style branding in mind, working in collaboration with organiser Kirsty Burgoine and web designer Martin Wright.

To check out the finished illustration, or find out more about the event, visit the website here –

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  • Kirsty Burgoine

    We were really pleased to have you onboard for this.

    Thanks for doing such an AWESOME job. The illustration gives the website the immediate impact we were looking for :)

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