I just love all the colourful street art around Manchester’s Northern Quarter, so I was super excited when the folks at #OutHouseMCR let me paint up one of the plinths on Stevenson Square – a space that showcases a different set of artists every 3 months.

I wanted to create something bold and quirky, with a doodle-like style to the character to mimic this piece from my sketchbook. This is the biggest painting I’ve attempted to date and I had a lot of fun with it. I spend most of my time illustrating indoors at a desk, so it made a nice change working outside in the sunshine!

OutHouseMCR Colourful Mess

#OutHouseMCR StinaJones

Big thanks to #OutHouseMCR for the spot, Fred Aldous for keeping me stocked with paint and everyone who stopped by to say hello! Shouts to the other featured artists from this round too; Mr Dable, Nick Chaffe, and Matthew Alker.

To see more snaps, head on over to Andy Lyon’s website where he’s blogged a nice little write up on the day, or find out more about the project and everyone featured to date over on the #OutHouseMCR Instagram page.

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