After weeks of tinkering behind the scenes with our digital freelancer at Creative Elements – I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new and improved website design for 2012!

We finished uploading the last bits of content last night, we were ready to push the button to make the new website live in the early hours of this morning. The feedback that’s been received already has been better than expected and I’m excited to see the benefits that the new design will bring over the coming months.

The old blog template (featured above) has served me well this past 18 months and acted as a great little starter website for me to get more of my personal projects online quickly. However, using a pre-built blog template was only ever a temporary solution and now that the site is established, I felt it was time for an upgrade to something completely bespoke and coded up from my own front end design.

I wanted the new website to be clean and unfussy, but with a unique edge. The new design is aiming to put the portfolio at the forefront, while keeping the blog in place as an integral part of how projects are documented. New features have also been added, including a mailing list sign up form, homepage slideshow and a greatly improved portfolio display.

After listening to the feedback regarding my old website design and throwing all the new ideas into a pot, I created a set of Photoshop files containing the new designs which were then sent off to our digital freelancer at Creative Elements who coded the design into a fully functioning WordPress theme.

The new website has also given me an opportunity to overhaul how my web presence is branded as a whole. As well as changing my colour scheme and tweaking the logo, you’ll notice that I’ve also developed a little robot character to use within my branding. I have lots of plans for this¬† character and you will no doubt see her appearing across all sorts of branded media in the near future.

I’m planning to further develop the website in 2012, so I’d love to hear your feedback on the new site! If you have any suggestions for things you’d like to see, feel free to drop me an email via my contact page.

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