I’ve always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt – in particular its Art and Mythology. The more recent discoveries from the uncovering of Heracleion have captured my imagination this past few days, inspiring all kinds of Egyptian themed doodles in my notebook.

This latest illustration has been digitally develop from one of these doodles, using Adobe Illustrator for the line art and colours, with a bit of Photoshop for the textures.

Limited edition Art Prints will be available soon! Drop me a message if you’d like to reserve one.

Comments (3)

  • Kirsten

    Really cool! :) I love their looks!

    Greetings, Kirsten

  • Andy Heather

    This is a wonderful image. I’m interested in how you do your linework in Illustrator. Did you use the Pen Tool? A Blob Brush?

    • Stina

      Thanks for the kind words :)
      I use the pen tool for almost all the line work.

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