I finished up my Stage 2 contribution to Muxxi’s Collab Nation piece last night – here’s my bit, in the top-right of the image featured above. This one’s winging its way to Taiwan next, to be drawn on by Olla Boku. I’m stoked to be doing a collaboration with both of these artists and can’t wait to see how the image evolves!

The Collab Nation piece I started went off to be drawn on by Remouse in Manchester, who added this awesome image to the top left corner (featured below). I’m really liking the direction he’s taken it in.

If you’re not following the Collab Nation project on Facebook yet, head on over and give them a Like. There are some fantastic progress shots amongst the Experiment 4 collection – www.facebook.com/Collabnation

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  • Lorrie

    Hi there Stina..

    I think both pieces look fab. Well done you, and great artists to be collaborating with.

    Lorrie x

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