With the Collab Nation Black & White stages all finished up, it was time to start adding colour and making them into prints.

I loved how the piece looked in Black & White, which made it a challenge to plan out the colours. I’d put it off for weeks and lost count of how many times I changed my mind on the colour scheme. With the exhibition deadline was drawing ever closer, I just had to make the call, get on and get it done, or risk missing out on having this piece in the show!

I’ve had the Black & White version as my phone’s screensaver for months but it wasn’t until I started colouring that I noticed all the awesome little details in the other artist’s work. Remouse, Kabi, CBLOXX and Aylo gave me something brilliant to work with and I was falling in love with their additions to the piece all over again. I really enjoyed colouring it and wished I’d started sooner!

Collab Nation 4: Stina Jones x Remouse x Kabi x Morbid x Aylosdoodles

I sent the finished piece through to Collab Nation HQ just in time for the print deadline. Given how close I was pushing it with my submission, I hadn’t thought to ask ahead about which colour mode was needed for the print ready artwork! I’m so used to working in RGB with my own Art Print supplier that I hadn’t realised the Collab Nation printer required the more standard CMYK, so the colours came out a little more blue than in my mock up. However, the more I looked at it, the more I preferred the blue tones, so asked for it to be kept as it was – it was a happy accident and I was pleased with the results!

The finished coloured collabs are now on display at the Collab Nation: With a Hint of Colour Exhibition, at Gwynedd Museum & Art Gallery in North Wales, until 15th November – well worth a peek if you can make it down!

To see more of the collabs from this project, head over to the Collab Nation Facebook page – facebook.com/Collabnation

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