David Meowie Charity T-Shirt

I’ve been working with We Heart Arts on a new music themed T-Shirt and Sticker design, to raise funds for their non-profit which helps young people’s creative arts programs across the world.

Process and Results

As a fan of David Bowie, cats, and terrible puns, this was a lot of fun to work on.

The design started out as a sketch on my iPad. I wanted the results to be clean and bold so I stripped back as much detail as possible while developing it.

Once I was happy with the sketch, I traced it up in Adobe Illustrator using simple lines and a clean typeface. I wanted to avoid doing anything too fussy with shading and textures, so we could scale it down to a small sticker later on without losing any detail.

… So who wants one?

The t-shirts are now available to buy from Mercht for a (very!) limited time – just 18 days to be precise!  Head on over before the 6/9/17 to grab one for yourself.

Happy Fox Limited Edition Print

I don’t do many print releases these days so I’ve made this one extra special.

This 9×9″ Happy Fox is printed on a lush 300gsm smooth rag with vibrant archival inks. There are only 25 prints available in this design, with each one hand signed and numbered in pencil on the reverse.

I’m real pleased with how this one came out. Honestly, this paper stock and ink combo is so nice that I’m in danger of ruining the batch with my drool.

If you’d like to give one of these little foxes a home, you can pick one at www.stinajones.co.uk/shop

… And if you support my work on Patreon, you can get yourself an extra 20% off using your Summer Sale Voucher Code, PLUS a hi-res download of the line art to use in your colouring or crafting projects.

Cheery Plan Branding

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of creating the graphics for Cheery Plan – a new Daily Planner app to help you prioritise the most important tasks for the day.

The aim was to develop a visual identity that’s both clean and bold, whilst still appearing cheerful and friendly. After exploring a few options, we landed a combination cheerful colourways, with super-clean vector illustrations, finished off with a cursive typeface for the logo.

The app is currently in its development stages so I can only give you a teaser for the time being. It’s due to launch on Android later this year and we can’t wait to share it with you all.

Sign up here to be notified when it launches.

Specimen Character Series

Over the past few months I’ve been spending some of my spare time creating colourful quirky characters with my iPad and Procreate App. I’m having a lot of fun with this series and plan to keep going until I’ve built a whole army of these little specimens!

Some of the designs are a bit experimental but I have a load of development ideas brewing – everything from merchandise and public artworks, through to more ambitious projects such as books and exhibitions!

If you’d like to help me get some of these projects off the ground, you can do so through my newly launched Patreon page – pledge a monthly contribution and get some exclusive rewards for yourself in return!

Find me at patreon.com/stinajones

Robot Character Upgrade 3.0

After years of loyal service, it was time to retire my old mascot character and replace her with a new and improved design. Whilst I liked her overall look, in practice I found the proportions and details too rigid to work with in a dynamic way.

This redesign addresses those issues by using bolder and more expressive lines, reduced detail, longer limbs, as well as a colouring style that’s more in line with my current work.

Process and Results

Stina Jones Character Design Planning

My process always starts with a planning and sketching session. I made a few notes about the colours and placements so I could better align the new character with my branding and collateral. I then used Procreate App on my iPad to sketch up some ideas, playing with different proportions and stylisations before eventually settling on a little square faced robot with a messy hairdo.

The sketches were then exported from my iPad into Adobe Illustrator for inking and colouring. I’d considered how often the character would be viewed on mobile, so I decided on a bold minimal colouring style that would work well at smaller sizes, whilst still being impactful at a larger scale.


After finishing up the digital inking, I worked up a few different variations to use across my website and social profiles. I’ve kept a working Illustrator file to hand with all the grouped elements and layers intact, so I’m able to produce extra variations more efficiently as I need them.

Stina Jones - Character Design

Stina Jones Twitter @stina_jones


My little robot character has undergone a fair few stylistic and structural changes over the years – from the simple single layer linework I used in 2012, through to the more colourful layered iteration I’m using now. It’s been a fun opportunity to experiment with different approaches to using character illustrations as a brand asset.

Stina Jones Character Evolution

There are a few more things I’d like to try with this one too, such as animation and large format prints. As always, I’ll be sharing the results on my Instagram for those interested.

If you’d like to commission a character of your own, please get in touch