Infohackit: Communicating Science with Infographics

One of my favourite things about designing infographics is that I always get to learn something new! This was very much the case whilst taking part in Infohackit Manchester. The hackathon style event, hosted by Made Agency, invited participating Designers and PHD students to create compelling infographics, all within a timed 12 hour period.

Soon after arriving (and fueling up on complimentary tea and and pastries) I was paired up with Students Ross Grant and Tabitha Pearman, and tasked with working alongside them to create an infographic based on their chosen topic.

As my design style is on the more playful side, we decided to target our infographic at Primary School (KS1) kids and teach them about how Seismic and Sonar equipment can be used to look beneath the ocean. This was something I knew very little about, so hearing how it’s done was fascinating.

Infohackit Manchester - How to look beneath the sea

After roughing out a layout on a flipchart, we all got stuck-in creating elements in Adobe Illustrator, whilst piecing it all together in a master document as we went along. The design process was fully collaborative from start to finish.

As the infographic was aimed at KS1 kids, we kept the message straightforward and the language simple, using analogies and exaggerated scale and proportions to help communicate the concepts.

Infohackit Manchester - How to look beneath the sea

We presented the finished results and received some good feedback from the judges and attendees, including a few requests to make it available as a printable teaching resource after the event. We’ve decided to do just that and have uploaded the high res version to Dropbox for anyone who wants to use this as a free educational resource.

The PDF can be downloaded using the link below. It’s fully scalable too making it suitable for showing on everything from a mobile device to a large scale poster.

Download Here

Big thanks to all the organisers and attendees for the awesome day! I had a blast and will be keeping an eye out for the next event!

Wellington House Art Jam 2016

I’ve grown a real taste for live art events, so when I was invited to participate in this year’s Wellington House Art Jam in my home city of Manchester, the answer was an immediate yes!

The Art Jam is an annual event, organised by Jay Sharples and Mantra Live, which this year invited a diverse group of over 50 artists from across the UK and beyond come together to transform the exterior walls of Wellington House. Add some music, drinks, food, and good vibes into the mix – and you’ve got yourself a paint party!

I was given an 8ft board to add my mark to which I used to create something more colourful than I’d usually attempt at an event. The painting was based on a digital illustration I created a few months ago, with a few tweaks to make it better fit the space. I used a combination of spray paints, POSCA pens, and good old acrylics and brushes for the rainbow.

It was a late finish and the venue had gotten pretty dark by the end of the night, so it was tricky getting a decent photo of my completed board. You can see the final piece for yourself outside the front of the venue where it will be on display until next year’s Art Jam, along with some of the other artist’s boards.

Big thanks to Wellington House, Jay Sharples and Mantra Live for inviting me along! I had a blast!

Ymuno Festival 2016

I had the pleasure of painting at Ymuno Festival last weekend with the awesome Happy Medium crew – Mr Kobo, Merecoincidence, Topher and Kabi Jedhagen.

The vibrant little festival was held in a pretty meadow in North Wales. The happy atmosphere and good company in amongst the picturesque surroundings was just what I needed to recharge after a busy week in the studio. The whole day was a blast and I love how our collab wall turned out!

Big thanks to Happy Medium and Ymuno Festival for having me along!

Ymuno Festival 2016 Sketch by Stina Jones

Ymuno Festival 2016 Sketch by Stina Jones


Ymuno Festival Stina Jones


See more photos and the full stitched wall over on the Happy Medium Facebook page.

F(L)IGHT Exhibition

Bristol folks! I’ll have a new piece in the F(L)IGHT Exhibition opening 16 June 2016 at Hamilton House Gallery Space in Stokes Croft.

The show features 140 artists, illustrators, street artists and image makers, who’ve all created works featuring a white dove. What’s more, each of the works are being sold for a very affordable £50 each, with a proportion of exhibition sales will be donated to charities War Child and Veterans for Peace.

Here’s a sneak peek of my piece for the show. An 8×8 giclee print on lush smooth art paper, hand finished with silver pen.

Flight Exhibition by Stina Jones

F(L)IGHT Exhibition

For more info, visit the exhibition website at or RSVP on Facebook.

#TwitterArtExhibit 2016

The annual #TwitterArtExhibit invites artists from across the world to donate an original, hand made, postcard sized piece of artwork, to raise funds for a pre elected charity, which this year benefits Foster Pride’s “Handmade” Program.

Here’s my edition (above) of a couple of Steampunk inspired character doodles, created with pens and markers on acid-free craft card.

This year’s exhibit is taking place at the Trygve Lie Gallery in New York, from 31 March through til 21 April. Social media plays a big part in the exhibition so if, like me, you can’t make it in person, head on over to @twitrartexhibit where the admins are tweeting the artworks. As always, the open submission system makes for a huge range of eclectic styles to browse through from artists of all levels.