A few weeks ago I was invited to appear live on The Happiness Show on 6 Towns Radio, to talk about Art and the happy vibes it can create. Creating and appreciating Art is something that I’ve always found therapeutic, so it’s link with happiness has always been a clear one to me.

There’s nothing quite like discovering a new artist’s work, coming across an interesting piece of street art, sketching up plans for a new illustration, or even just spreading a few smiles with a doodle on a scrap of printer paper – visual art rarely fails to put a smile on my face. It’s also widely believed that creating can be a great way to channel frustrations and negative moods into something constructive.

Although the subject was an easy one to speak about, it was my first ever attempt at live radio so I was a tad nervous starting out, but once we got going I found the whole thing quite enjoyable and my hour on the air flew by. All credit to the host Bret Shah for being a good laugh and easy to talk to.

Big thanks to 6 Towns Radio for making me feel welcome and to everyone who tuned in. All the lovely calls, messages and positive feedback after the show really made my day!

I’m always up for opportunities to chat about art and creativity, in both written features or as part of an audio/video interview – just drop me a message using the contact form on the site.

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